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General Guidance on Medical Value Travel to India


  • A telephone or video based consultation with the doctor / specialist
  • Acceptance of your health insurance if any

General Guidance on Medical Value Travel to India – Arrangement with Hospitals
A. Initiation stage
   Choose one or a few facilities which you would like to check out.
   See the facilities whose details are provided in this website. Use the web link given, examine
    the hospital website too for any further information
   Contact the hospital and ask for the international patient department. Or drop an e-mail,
    the contact info can be taken from this site or direct from hospital’s website
   Discuss with the executive more about the hospital and get to know the facility, their prior
    experience in handling similar cases
   Ask for information they would require to suggest a suitable medical advice which would
    usually be any one or more of the following:

                       Reports at pre-admission stage
    Present complaints / ailment, whether any chronic ailment like diabetes, hypertension
    Brief or detailed medical history depending on ailment
    Prior examination reports from doctors
    The doctor who consulted you
    Discharge summary if patient underwent a procedure / surgery / hospital admission
    Details of medicines taken or taking now
    Record of Investigations - Blood tests, CT Scan, Ultra sound, MRI, PET CT, Echo, ECG,
    Angiogram, histopathology / biopsy reports etc.
    Known allergies
    Necessary vaccinations, as required, by the authorities
    Referral letter from your doctor / specialist
 Seek
  o A telephone or video based consultation with the doctor / specialist
  o Final medical advice for your condition
  o The procedures/surgeries to be performed. Key doctors who would consult you
  o The estimated length of stay (based on pre-admission tests, hospital admission,
    recovery and post discharge consultations in India)
  o Cuisines available
  o Language interpreters availability and costs
  o Facility for stay for relatives/attendants within hospital. Any arrangement with
  o Total costs – basis procedural/surgical costs, in-hospital stay for patient and
    attendant, consumables/implants/medications, consultant charges, all tests,
    reviews post discharge etc.
  o Acceptable mode of payment
  o Acceptance of your health insurance if any
  o Assistance for medical visa – invitation letter to Indian embassy in your country
  o Assistance by hospital if provided – for any registration of overseas patient’s,
    extension of visas
  o An e-mail or fax confirmation of details

B. Confirmation Stage
    Once you decided on the hospital, they would need the following information for further
    processing and making arrangements for your visit, consultations and surgery
1.  Contact Details - Patient & Attender/s
    Address and Contact Details in home country (Full postal address, landline telephone number,
    mobile number, e-mail)
    Contact Information of attendants or relatives who accompany (Full postal address, landline
    telephone number, mobile number, e-mail)
    Passport and Visa copy – as residential / identify proof and to get travel confirmation
2. Accommodation Needs
   Room category requirement
   Languages comfortable, need for a language translator
   Diet requirements
   Religious needs, if any
   Number of accompanying attendants and their accommodation requirements
   Interest in sightseeing / travel
3. Travel and Visa details
   For VISA invite letter – Passport No., Name, Passport Issue and Expiry date, Country
   Passport and Visa of patient and relatives/attendants
4. Financial 
   Details of health insurance confirmation (if applicable) - Guarantee of Payment from insurance firm
   Government grant for your treatment if any
   Financial arrangements and mode of payment
   Credit cards, debit cards and travelers checks for making direct payments
   Wire transfer details if transferring money through bank to Hospital account
   Bank statement of patient in select cases
   Need for currency exchange
C. Arrival and Admissions Stage
   Ensure that you carry the required medical records, details of past tests etc.
   Arrival - Flight no / date / city: For Airport Transfer and also for appointment scheduling.
   Seek contact details and name of staff who would meet you at arrival area
Need for ambulance services, depending on    patient condition. Discuss this with your
   doctor/executive in the hospital

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